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Since 1996

The UW Student Technology Fee (STF) was created by the Washington State Legislature [RCW 28B.15.051] and the UW Board of Regents in 1996 to provide for and enhance technology resources for students beyond the classroom environment. The STF is student-levied and student-distributed, generating over $4 million in annual revenue which is paid out to over 100 students and departments each year. The STF is used to fund a variety of technology needs, some being one-off proposals and others being regular and renewable “Block” requests. Recent requests have included a Smart Board for the Department of Economics, automated sanitization stations for the Department of Chemical Engineering, and equipment for a Mars Rover built by Husky Robotics. Other departments, including UW Libraries, STLP, The Daily, and UW-IT receive Block Funding totaling over $1 million annually. The STF Committee is composed of representatives selected by the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS). These representatives, or Committee members, are responsible for reviewing proposals, debating their merits, and rendering a decision. The Committee is also supported by several student and professional staff members who conduct day-to-day operations, fiscal oversight, and auditing services.

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Check out the latest news from the Student Technology Fee and stay up to date regarding important announcements such as the quarterly Call for Proposals and information about proposals and awards.

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Check out what we’re up to and learn more about the STF’s inner workings by checking out our public records. We publish meeting agendas and minutes, governing policies, and other useful information for public access.


Representing you

The Student Technology Fee Committee provides general oversight of the STF and is responsible for hearing, debating, and voting on proposals. The Committee is composed of student representatives appointed by UW’s two student governments: ASUW and GPSS. The Committee also includes non-voting members from various departments across campus who provide the Committee with context, advice, and support.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Adam Serafin, STF Advisor / Student Life Representative

  • Trevor Hunt, Director of Operations

  • Ujjwal Chauhan, Proposal Manager

  • Zohar Le, Communications and Outreach Manager

  • Timothy Billing, ASUW President

  • A.J. Balatico, GPSS President

  • Ellen Kesselman, HUB Fiscal Specialist

  • Aimee Hirahara, UW Libraries

  • Jeremy Caci, Undergraduate Academic Advising

  • Tom Lewis, UW-IT

  • Bill Schaefer, UW-IT

  • Virgil Gloria, Graduate School

ASUW Representitives

  • Lucas Wang, Chair

  • Mitchell Klein, ASUW Finance and Budget Director

  • Mark Pock, ASUW Senate Liaison

  • Boe Zhou, ASUW At-Large Representative

  • Teerth Mehta, ASUW At-Large Representative

GPSS Representatives

  • Van Mai, GPSS Vice President of Finance and Budget

  • Maleen Kidiwela, GPSS Executive Senator

  • Charles Bugre, GPSS Executive Senator

  • Kaley Wypyszynski, GPSS Senator

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Committee meetings are open to the public as required by the Open Public Meetings Act. Members of the public are welcome to attend in-person or virtually and provide public comment.


Get to know us

The day-to-day administration of the Student Technology Fee is managed by a team of student staff. In addition to overseeing daily operations, our team provides close support to the Committee and facilitates the proposal process. Our team is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the proposal process.

Keep reading to learn more about our staff and how to get in touch.


Lucas is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering and Informatics and calls Nanjing, China, and Vancouver, Canada, their hometowns. Community is very important to Lucas. Before coming to the STF, Lucas co-founded two app development RSOs, AppDev@UW, and GDSC@UW, to build community amid the competitive and stressful nature of computing pedagogy. As Chair, Lucas is responsible for the STF as a whole and works with staff and committee members to realize STF’s mission.

Lucas Wang

Committee Chair


Trevor is a second-year Master of Public Administration candidate and received his Bachelors in Political Science in 2021 from UW. Before coming to the STF, Trevor served most recently as Managing Editor of The Daily and held roles in the ASUW and the RCSA before that. As Director of Operations, Trevor is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the STF, from managing staff to overseeing policy and budgeting. In his free time, Trevor enjoys landscape photography, cooking, and spending time with his roomate’s two cats.

Trevor Hunt

Director of Operations


Ujjwal is a current graduate student at the Foster School of Business pursuing his Master of Science in Information Systems and holds a bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering. Ujjwal has 4 years of professional work experience across 4 countries. As the Proposal Manager, Ujjwal is responsible for overseeing and leading all proposal related activities at the STF, supporting applicants and award recipients throughout the process. In his free time, Ujjwal enjoys hiking, following professional sports, and talking to new people and learning about their experiences.

Ujjwal Chauhan

Proposal Manager


Sushmidha is a first-year graduate student in the HCDE department at UW. She graduated with her Bachelors in Architecture in 2019 from Anna University in India. She has been working as a UX Designer for the past 3.5 years and has designed 6 websites and worked on strategic portals and applications in healthcare and Fin-Tech. Sushmidha is responsible for STF’s new online experience and developing visual graphics for marketing. Sushmidha loves traveling and enjoys the company of nature and mountains.

Sushmidha Jawahar

Web Design Manager


Aadil is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Informatics. Prior to working for the STF, he worked as a freelance Web Designer as well as a UX Manager for his local Mosque. Being the Creative Manager, he oversees all creative assets and works with other team members to ensure clean, consistent, and inclusive branding surrounding the STF. When he’s not working, Aadil spends his time sketching, working out, and playing video games.

Aadil Ali

Creative Manager


Zohar is a first-year international transfer student from Vietnam pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Before coming to UW, Zohar received his Associate of Science at Green River Community College and worked multiple on-campus positions. As the Communication Manager, Zohar communicates with a wide range of STF stakeholders while working with staff to tell the story of STF to the whole UW community. In his free time, Zohar enjoys singing, playing piano and guitar, and playing sports with friends.

Zohar Le

Communications Manager

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Learn about the Student Technology Fee and the proposal process by attending a Workshop led by our staff and receive 1:1 support with your proposal.


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Office: Husky Union Building 305B

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