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Advanced and Updated Technology for Robotics Development

Advanced Robotics at the University of Washintgon








This grant proposal will answer a question: How can students at the UW who are pursuing careers in STEM be developed to their highest potential.? It is our sincerely held belief that the answer can be found through hands on education, practical learning, and industry-like experience. This year, the team has two specific learning objectives we want to offer our students. Over the last two years, our software team has developed complex computer vision models that detect, identify, and track specific objects and images using AI under adverse conditions. These models have been instrumental to our success. The integration of high-level software algorithms with electrical and mechanical hardware is a unique experience that our club offers. As technology advances, however, we have fallen behind the curve when it comes to our hardware. Our students are being roadblocked by old technology that stymies their education and progress. We will use the funding from this grant to upgrade to industry standard equipment that will give them useful industry experience and unleash the full potential of UW comp-sci students. On the mechanical side, our students face similar problems. Our proposal contains items and tools which will allow our students to work with carbon fiber, automated CNC machining, and traditional manufacturing in line with developing industry standards. We sincerely believe it is vital for students to be experienced in this way by the time they graduate UW.


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