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Interdisciplinary genomics training and research through hands-on access to next-generation sequencing technology

Department of Psychology








Next-generation sequencing is rapidly transforming an array of scientific disciplines by increasing the scope and resolution of genetic research while lowering costs. Thus, training in these genomic and bioinformatic techniques should be considered an integral part of any STEM student’s education at UW. To facilitate this training, the Snyder-Mackler Lab (SMack Lab; a new lab in the Department of Psychology) is requesting a state-of-the-art sequencer to make this technology fully available to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing cross-disciplinary research that might benefit from genomic information or the ability to generate and analyze the “big data” that pervade our world. Students will be trained in the direct operation of the machine, allowing them to not only gain invaluable skills and hands-on experience, but also learn the valuable bioinformatic skills necessary to handle the big data produced in today's post-genomic world.

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