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Aeronautics & Astronautics Computer Lab Upgrade 2018

Department of Aerospace and Astronautics








Students in the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics have a need of computing equipment that is capable of running demanding engineering and mathematical applications. Since the vast majority of students have access to their own computing equipment, we have determined that the best direction to focus our efforts, would be the expansion of our remote computing offering, and limit the number of local machines to a few, higher powered, specialized machines (flight simulation, engineering design, etc.). We are looking to fund the creating of a remote computing cluster to provide up to 50 high-resource Virtual Desktops. Additionally we are requesting funding for 8 specialized, high-powered, local machines to be located in GUG 212, and the other 35 seats in the computer lab to be populated by Wyse thin client machines to utilize the space of GUG 212 while leveraging our robust remote computing capabilities.

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