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Center for International Relations and Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE)

Center for International Relations and Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE)








CIRCLE will be a new department on campus that will serve as the hub for international student support and engagement. In addition, CIRCLE will provide intentional and purposeful engagement opportunities for both domestic and international students so that they mutually learn from one another while gaining the necessary skills to thrive in the global economy. As part of the strategy to make CIRCLE a “home away from home” for students, there is emphasis on creating a space that is student-centered and conducive to relationship building and learning. Technology will play an integral role in the services that CIRCLE will provide. Ranging from an electronic check-in system to a comprehensive digital infrastructure to allow for relationship building across the globe, CIRCLE will leverage technology so that targeted outreach and information sharing can help the department tailor services to meet the current needs of students. Finally, the CIRCLE lounge will serve as a versatile space for students to relax and as an avenue for student organizations or other campus units to host workshops/events with a global focus or to connect with peers at different institutions worldwide.

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