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Acquisition of ProtoMAX Abrasive Waterjet to Support Student Projects, Learning, and Research

Department of Chemistry








This Student Technology Fee (STF) proposal is requesting funds to purchase a compact water jet for use by the Chemistry Department and broader community. This system will improve many aspects of research and education including efficiency, safety, breadth of learning and applications, and precision of machined objects. The addition of a waterjet cutter to the Chemistry Department will enable the production of chemically resistant and durable devices out of virtually any material, a capability that is severely limited by the current facilities. Additionally, this system will facilitate fast and easy production of safety features that may be neglected currently due to time constraints, especially for proof-of-concept experiments. Because waterjet cutting is one of the fastest growing machining techniques, the acquisition of this system will enable undergraduate and graduate students to develop invaluable skills for future employment in industry. The system will be assembled in the chemistry machine shop in Bagley Hall, which is currently being updated and renovated. This system will be an integral component of the University of Washington’s commitment to cutting-edge research and accessibility to innovation; it will provide a space for students and researchers to gain hands-on experience designing and producing devices with a rapidly growing technology which will strengthen student employment opportunities post-graduation and boost the level of research produced by the University of Washington.

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