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3+2 axis CNC mill for accurate and fast machining

Department of Chemistry








We are requesting funding to obtain a modern CNC mill for use by students and researchers in various departments at the University of Washington. The mill will be part of the Department of Chemistry’s machine shop, which employs staff members skilled in the operation of machining tools and is also available for use by trained students and researchers. Current access to milling machinery has been limited by cost, long lead times, and outdated machines. By acquiring a new 3+2 axis CNC mill and offering free training courses to students, we hope to mitigate all three of these obstacles and provide students and researchers with the best equipment possible to enhance their learning and ability to conduct innovative research. Overall, this will strengthen the technological position of the University of Washington as compared to peer institutions. Modern milling is a subtractive cutting process used to machine parts from various stock materials with high accuracy. Milling has widespread utility in engineering, electronics, instrument design, and physical sciences that require specialized or customized equipment. Having access to a CNC mill is critical for researchers who iteratively design and fabricate their own tools and instrumentation, like many in the Department of Chemistry and other science and engineering disciplines at the University of Washington. It will also benefit students to have exposure to equipment and skills that are widely used in industry as they prepare themselves for their future careers.

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