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Husky Flying Club - Flight Simulator

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This proposal requests funds to purchase an aircraft simulator system for the Husky Flying Club (HFC). The HFC is a RSO at UW that desires to gather anyone interested in aviation as well as those who are already passionate or experienced with flying an aircraft. As a relatively new club, the HFC wishes to provide a service that no other clubs here at UW offers. Various civilian flight schools and Air Force units, to include Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) detachments at nationwide Colleges and Universities utilize a flight simulator system to prepare student pilots into meeting qualifications for flight operations. At other college campuses, this simulator has continuously proven to be an excellent resource that pilots can take advantage of by gaining flight experience while on the ground. The alternative to simulators are for students to pay hundreds of dollars per flight to gain flying experience in a local airfield. Since individual college student budgets are constrained differently, experiencing flight time in an aircraft is not an opportunity that all students are able to experience. Buying a simulator provides students with an unlimited number of flights. The system consists of two sets of flight simulator specific hardware and software as detailed in the budget. In addition, this simulator will help boost the HFC's ability to recruit new members. Lastly, the simulator serves a hallmark for aviation minded individuals at UW.

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