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The Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington (Seattle) provides an incredibly diverse array of teaching and research experiences to over 500 undergraduate majors and 50 graduate students. These experiences run the gamut from visual anthropology, to field archaeology, to studies of early human evolution. To support these efforts, the department proposes to replace pre-existing, aging computer and photography equipment, over half of which was acquired through previous STF grants (STF 2006-094, 2008-028, 2009-065, 2010-065). We will replace equipment in our two computer labs--the Departmental Computing Lab and the Undergraduate Drop-In Advising Lab--as well as a small amount of portable equipment. The Departmental Lab will have all three of its current computers, plus its photography and film scanners, replaced. Both computers in the Drop-In lab will be replaced. Finally, four laptops and two Nikon d90 dSLR cameras will be replaced. These replacements will help the department maintain its ability to provide quality, state-of-the-art equipment for its undergraduate and graduate students to use as part of a diverse array of teaching and research experiences.

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