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Adaptive Focus Control and Image Restoration for The Garvey Core Leica SP8 Confocal Microscope

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We would like to purchase an Adaptive Focus Control system for the Leica SP8 confocal microscope in the Garvey Imaging Core at UW-South Lake Union. Adaptive Focus Control consists of hardware and software components that maintain the distance relationship between the objective lens and sample—thereby keeping a sample in focus. Stepper motors in the microscope and a photosensor are used to constantly maintain the sample position at a user specified point-of-interest. Adding these components to the microscope will allow us to do very high-resolution live-cell imaging that is currently not possible because of focal drift. It will also enable us to use this microscope for large-field imaging where drift across a large area is currently a problem. Additionally, we would like to purchase image restoration software so that we can use low light levels with live cells and obtain higher resolution images. Many student projects will benefit from these additions. Undergraduate and graduate students have 24/7 access to the Garvey Imaging Core, and the director is available to help students 40 hours a week. The Adaptive Focus Control and Lightning Image Restoration will add new capabilities to our Leica SP8 system that will be well-supported by the Garvey facility and make it a fantastic system for live cell imaging.

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