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Dynamic Light Scattering Autosampler - Chemical Engineering Shared Lab Space

Molecular Engineering and Sciences








The Malvern Zetasizer NanoZS in the Chemical Engineering department’s shared instrument facility, Bindra Lab, is in need of a high-throughput attachment. The instrument uses a technique called dynamic light scattering to measure the size and size distribution of samples including particle suspensions and emulsions. The Zetasizer’s characterization capabilities are frequently used for research, undergraduate and graduate instruction, and in student startup activities. However, the throughput of the instrument needs to be significantly increased to keep up with demand. We aim to address this by integrating the Malvern NanoSampler accessory, which allows users to perform experiments without changing samples one by one. While the instrument is effective and historically well-maintained, the impact of the machine for student populations is hindered by its single sample capacity. Increasing the throughput of the machine via the Malvern Nanosampler attachment will enhance the machine’s operational capacity thus allowing for greater educational, entrepreneurial, and experimental opportunities in both undergraduate and graduate student populations.

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