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Spectrophotometer for analysis of small volumes

Department of Chemistry








We request funds to purchase a microvolume ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer that will be located in the Analytical Facility of the Department of Chemistry. A UV-Vis spectrophotometer is an essential tool used to identify and quantify molecules in the physical and biological sciences. The major benefit of a microvolume UV-Vis instrument is the low-volume sample requirement. This system is designed to measure 1-2 uL of sample. In contrast, the UV-Vis spectrophotomers available in the Department of Chemistry require sample volumes of 1000 uL or more (1000 times the amount of a microvolume instrument). That means students must use a significant amount of sample material and/or they must dilute their sample, which requires additional cost, time, calculations, and can affect the accuracy of the measurement. Given the low sample volumes and diverse needs of student researchers across campus, a microvolume UV-Vis device is an essential research tool.

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