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Computer workstations in the School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences (SAFS) Quantitative Computing Lab (QCL) were established with STF funding in 1997, fully updated in 2002, 2007 and last refreshed in 2015 by STF Proposal 2015-002 entitled, “FAST TRACK Upgrade of the Fishery Sciences Building Quantitative Computer Lab.” The QCL) consists of 12 PC workstations using dual 24”monitors. This lab has served the high computational, quantitative, and technical needs of undergraduate and graduate students in the southwest campus (SAFS, Oceanography, Marine Affairs) as well as hundreds of undergraduate students from many other departments (e.g., mathematics, zoology, chemistry, genetics, sociology, political sciences, English, biology) that have classes or spend study time in the Fishery Sciences Building. We propose to replace these workstations because they no longer meet the intensive CPU processing and high memory demands of the students that use this facility. All current workstations in the QCL have reached the industry standard hardware lifecycle (5-8 years) and the 5-year equipment warranties have expired.

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