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Dynamic Hand Sheet Former for Advanced Fibrous Materials Research

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences








This proposal is requesting support for the acquisition of a Q-200442 Techpap Dynamic Handsheet Former (DHF), which will fill a critical need for the production of fibrous materials on campus. Currently, there are only a few options to assemble fibers into macroscale paper-like materials at the University of Washington: either bench-scale filtration and spinning methods, or a pilot scale web forming process. The former techniques are time-consuming and limited in their ability to control the fiber orientation in the final sheet. Although the latter approach can generate anisotropic materials, it requires very large quantities of feedstock, which is not suitable for rationale design studies and research at the micro and nano scales. The proposed DHF instrument bridges this gap and will enable unprecedented capability the manufacturing of highly-oriented sheets and laminated structures with minimal material input, offering unique opportunities to benefit a large variety of multidisciplinary research projects on campus, including but not limited to nanotechnology, materials sciences, bio-composites, and chemical and mechanical engineering.

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