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Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion Testing and Manufacturing Equipment

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The Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion (SARP) is an RSO dedicated to providing aerospace focused education for its student members. As an organization, SARP works towards enabling skill development and experience from developing a rocket throughout each academic year. SARP aims to create and maintain an environment to facilitate knowledge and skill development for all of its members by providing resources to learn and apply skills in designing, building, and testing aerospace systems. The organization develops a necessary foundation to set members up for success in their futures. This year, SARP is continuing development from the previous year to successfully build and launch a rocket at the Spaceport America Cup, held by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA). In 2019, SARP placed 1st overall at the competition and the team is currently continuing development from the previous year to return to the Spaceport America Cup in June 2021. Purchasing the listed testing and manufacturing equipment will promote success for SARP through enabling members and other student teams to continue system development. This proposal requests funds for equipment to effectively complete test operations, manufacture, clean components, and transport materials. As the team continues forward, we aim to continue to provide a platform for members to learn aerospace processes on the student team development level in order to help find their passions in the industry. COVID-19 restrictions have taken a toll on sponsor outreach efforts.

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