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Historically, the UW Rome Center has been proud to host between 300 to 400 UW students annually, providing students with the opportunity to participate in the transformative experience of study abroad in the heart of Rome. COVID has had a devastating impact on study abroad and the Rome Center specifically, as we have cancelled all academic programming since March 2020. However, we are hopeful for the return of students in Autumn Quarter 2021. Before the pandemic, the UWRC began an extensive renovation project for the first time after opening over 35 years ago. Our renovated facilities will include a new Business Center for use by UW students and faculty. We plan to furnish the new Business Center with six PCs and six docking stations, and to provide six laptop computers available for students and faculty to borrow on a short-term basis. We plan to install up-to-date software on all PCs and laptops for use students in numerous disciplines (i.e., architecture, art, design, engineering, cinema studies). Finally, all classrooms will be equipped with a permanent projector, screen and laptop for use during instruction. Our ability to provide educational technology equivalent to that which faculty and students expect and use in Seattle is critical to our success in rebuilding the UW Rome Center, as we work to recruit more programs in the future in order to provide more students with access to study abroad and to make up for the devastating financial loses we've sustained in the last year. We are hopeful and excited to welcome students back and are excited to be able to do so in our newly renovated space and with new educational technology throughout the facility!

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