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AFROTC Cadet HQ Technology Integration

Department of Aerospace Studies, AFROTC




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The University of Washington AFROTC Detachment 910 is the Universities commissioning source for Air Force Officers focused on developing leaders of character. Our Cadet Headquarters (CHQ) is our main study resource for over 100 cadets (UW Students), in non-COVID conditions, to study or collaborate on cadet wing plans such as planning, reviewing and studying training curriculum for our university-accredited Leadership Laboratory. Each cadet uses this space to do homework, study for tests and read for all of their academic courses. The CHQ is currently unequipped for the technological needs of our students. We are seeking to provide one 55’’ 4K TV screen and accompanying pc, and improved power outlet strips that can be used for practicing class presentations and presentations we will hold in our future career as officers. We would like to also implement charging ports to our tables, as our current two port outlets on the floor are hard to access and present a tripping hazard.

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