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Washington Superbike Safety, Electrical, and Manufacturing Equipment

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Founded in 2018, Washington Superbike is dedicated to developing engineering knowledge at the University of Washington through real-world problem-solving applications. Our multidisciplinary registered student organization is divided into business, mechanical, and electrical teams that work together to create an electric motorcycle for motorsport competition. With races like the AHRMA Formula Lightning Varsity Challenge taking place in 2023 and the MotoStudent Electric International Competition in 2025, we are doubling down on our development to ensure excellence in performance and safety in these upcoming competitions. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic shortly after our club’s founding set us back several months, but we are finally approaching completion of research and development for our first fully built prototype motorcycle. With a rolling model of the bike ready, our next steps are focused on dedicating more resources to testing the safety and efficiency of our current battery-based electrical system along with assembling other systems to complete functionality. Since we are so new, we lack some of the established connections for funds that many other RSO’s already have access to. While we currently receive both item and monetary sponsorships from corporations and individuals, we rely on the STF to consistently provide us with the important and costly items we need for continued research and development. Our now extremely tangible goal of participating in upcoming competitions requires that we ensure final functionality of just a few more systems on the bike. The items that we are requesting in this STF will allow our club to continue progressing, taking us to the finish line for our goals and competitions alike.

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