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UW Formula Motorsports CAD Lab Upgrades

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For 33 years, UWashington Formula Motorsports has grown and developed into one of the most successful FSAE teams in the world. Our team of multidisciplinary students take learning far beyond textbook theory by designing, building, and competing with a fully electric formula-style race car made from the ground up each year. This is an immensely challenging, yet exciting engineering project that constantly requires all-hands on deck from our team of 71 students. Since making the transition from a combustion vehicle to an electric one, we’re proud to have drawn in talented students with diverse majors spanning across ten different departments. From generating computer vision models on our driverless team to running complex simulations on our full car models and aerodynamic packages, our team’s intense need for efficient and reliable computer hardware needs grows more and more apparent everyday. When operating on such a fast-paced, rigorous design and competition cycle, every increase in efficiency helps our team produce the fastest, safest, and most technically advanced car we possibly can.

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