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Automated Sanitization Stations for Reducing Waste of Common Single-Use Laboratory Plastics

Department of Chemical Engineering








This proposal is a request to obtain a mobile pipette tip washing and drying station and a stationary 96-well plate washing and drying station for use by the chemical engineering department and associated laboratories. The chemical engineering department is committed to sustainability and recognizes that pipette tips and 96 well plates are common single-use waste products of research and educational laboratories. The chemical engineering department wastes tens of thousands of pipette tips and hundreds of 96-well plates every month due to research and educational laboratories. The Grenova Solutions automated, high-throughput mobile washing station with tip washer and tip dryer would enable laboratories to turn single-use waste products into sustainable laboratory materials while also saving the department money spent on expensive plastic consumables and time spent waiting for shipments to arrive that are regularly delayed many months due to COVD-19 shortages.

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