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XYZ Positioner for Cryostat system for Quantum Technologies Teaching and Testbed Lab

Department of Physics








We are seeking funding on the order of $41,500 to purchase an XYZ positioner system to enable a general-purpose low-temperature scanning probe microscope in a new user space called the Quantum Technologies Teaching and Testbed Lab (QT3). The QT3 is meant to be a combined teaching and research facility that provides characterization tools for quantum technologies. The main objective of QT3 is to make unique tools broadly available to students for training and research across the University of Washington. Spearheaded by the Barnard Lab and Fu Lab, we are presently building a mostly funded low temperature (4 K) scanning confocal microscope to be installed in the QT3 space, with the gap in funding existing in the form of this piezo stepper system. We have the cryostat existing, on campus, and have the funding to purchase a cryogenic objective, measurement computer, and for machining costs, so the piezo stepper is the last element we need to make a permanent training/user system. This funding will enable this system to be fully operational and accessible to a broad class of students and will be a one-of-a-kind capability on the UW Seattle campus. We are custom designing numerous features of the confocal microscope with specific care to minimize vibrational noise and to provide quick sample turn-around. With the funding for this positioner, we would be able complete this cryostat system in full, and it would be assembled and ready to use within the next year. QT3 will be open to beta users within the next year, and in the follow year (2023) it will be open to all as a testbed and teaching space; Making this cryostat usable for classes, research groups, and others involved in the University of Washington network pursuing relevant projects.

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