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Resin-Based 3D Printer and supporting equipment for WOOF3D

Department of Mechanical Engineering








WOOF 3D is requesting funding for a resin-based SLA printer, the Prusa SL1S, an accompanying washing and curing station, and assorted materials required to operate the machines safely. This machine will be used to further student projects and education, as well as provide a service to other RSOs and labs at the UW. This machine will be directly available to our 80+ members for projects and research. We will also allow other RSOs, labs, and students to request the use of this printer for research or education purposes.. These liquid based machines allow for the creation of parts of a high precision and smooth surface finish that cannot be achieved on a standard filament-based 3D printer, which is what is largely available to students on campus. While there are a few SLA printers accessible to students, we intend to expand the availability of this technology to enable more projects, research and education. We are currently requesting supplies for a single resin printer to gain experience and learn about the technology, with the intent of future purchases to expand our capability once the club becomes more established with this type of 3D printing.

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