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Chemical Engineering Conferencing Monitor Upgrade

Chemical Engineering








Chemical Engineering (ChemE) has enjoyed a vast increase in enrolled undergraduate students compared to last year, leading the way for a larger community to utilize our physical campus resources housed in Benson Hall. One concern that competes with our growth involves our conference rooms that serve as important engaging, collaborative spaces for both our own ChemE community and other visiting/external guests that we host in Benson Hall. These spaces contain television sets that, while large enough, are hindered by its age, and we've maintained them to the best of our abilities for years. Their declining quality aren’t well equipped for hybrid meetings or more demanding multimedia presentations, and students often may resort to their own smaller laptop screens for collaborative work, whether this is for hybrid meetings, practicing slide-driven presentations, or other tasks where larger screen real estate would help immeasurably. To best address this issue altogether, our proposal requests funds to purchase new Dell 55-inch conferencing monitors for our five existing dedicated conference rooms, in addition to our newly renovated undergraduate lounge. This requested equipment will serve as the most suitable replacement that will improve our conferencing technology infrastructure and persist for years to come. The capabilities of these monitors also serve as a catalyst for introducing additional components to these spaces in the future.


Though appointments can be done through, it should be clarified that walk-ins to these spaces are available, including for those who can access Benson Hall outside of open building hours. Appointments are only necessary to secure a specific needed time in advance for a meeting, project, discussion, etc.

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