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Friday Harbor Laboratories is located on San Juan Island and because we are in such a remote location we do not have access to the UW campus for the equipment needed for students. Students usually conduct research projects in conjunction with their coursework in various marine-related subjects throughout the year. The current state of the microscope camera equipment available to students is limited by availability, quantity and image quality (megapixels). We have 3 Microscopes (Inverted, Specimen and Fluorescence) that share the 1 Q-Capture Firewire 400 camera. Because of the old Q-Capturer Firewire camera we are limited to Firewire 400 compatible computers and software. If multiple students want to use more than one microscope we do not have enough microscope cameras to fulfill the requests. The single camera is in high demand during the spring and summer terms. We are requesting funding for 2 new Infinity 8 20MP USB 3.0 color and monochrome microscope cameras and the correct C-Mount adapters for the Nikon microscopes. They are needed by students who analyze rapid movements such as swimming, prey capture, and animal behavior. These cameras will also be used for counts and survey work, as they are clearer and have higher resolution than anything else available in FHL. They will be used on the 3 Nikon microscopes. We are also asking for 4 new GoPro cameras with associated accessories foe student checkout to film around the intertidal areas.


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