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Student research projects involving energetic systems often require high-speed visualization diagnostics. The time scales of events and phenomena of interest are typically measured in milliseconds and microseconds. Many student research projects and RSOs are involved in experiments where the wave dynamics and rapid structural deflections require video recording at rates of several hundred thousand frames per second. The COE students have had access to a STF-purchased high speed camera from 2014-2022. During this time frame nearly 500 students have reaped the benefits of high speed digital video for independent study, graduate research, and RSO projects. The resulting videos and subsequent imaging analysis has resulted in prize winning papers and presentations in intercollegiate technical competitions (e.g. AIAA Region VI winners 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022) and international rocket events (e.g. SARP won 1st place in high-powered division of Spaceport America Cup 2017, 2018, and then won 1st place again in their division and the overall SAC competition in 2019). Unfortunately, this camera failed during a training session for students intending to use it for their individual research projects in Spring 2022. The vendor determined the camera had just become obsolete and that they could not repair it. Thus the students in COE are seeking a replacement for this camera that will utilize the supporting macro and telescopic lenses and LED lighting systems that they have previously procured.


Web-based calendar will be made available for scheduling. Email contact with the Instructional Lab Manager (Carter Beamish) and/or research faculty member (Carl Knowlen) will facilitate camera transfer and training scheduling (training often done by graduate students).

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