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This proposal is for updating lab computers at the Language Learning Center located on the first floor of Denny Hall that are used by students daily primarily for language learning. The computers are located in three rooms operated by the Language Learning Center for language learning: Denny Hall 158, 156 and 157. Two thirds of the computers in our Center are over 10 ½ years old (received on 8/24/2012), too old to run the current Windows operating system (Windows 11) which means that we can no longer update software and also means they are more susceptible to viruses and other issues. The final third of our computers are 6 ½ years old (received on 8/8/2016). The age of our computers will soon make them unusable for class and has already made them less desirable for student use. These computers play a crucial role in providing students with open facilities and free access to multimedia and multilingual computing resources for study. In total we need 80 computers replaced. We have spoken to Dell who has quoted us at $1299.50 per computer (model: OptiPlex Tower 7010 with 16 GB of RAM) with tax this makes the total $114,615.90. The new computers will come with keyboard, mouse, as well as Windows 11 (currently the computers are running Windows 10 and can no longer be updated to 11).


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