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LED Lighting for Performance Lab in Hutchinson

School of Drama








The aim of this proposal is to revive a performance laboratory in Hutchinson 201, by supplying state-of-the-art LED theatrical lighting equipment. The School of Drama is committed to supporting and nurturing the artistry and scholarship of every student, and honoring their identities, perspectives, and traditions. We want to add this lab to create an artistic makerspace for students that can function “outside of the gaze” of the faculty, where students can create performative work of their own. Making this physical space available to students, will create new pathways for them to generate self-reflective work. It is critical, however, that they can afford to produce in the space without significant artistic compromises. The advanced capabilities of this equipment combined with a sound system would provide a robust structure for visual and aural storytelling without the high materials and labor expenses of elaborate scenery and costumes. Additionally, theatrical LED lighting fixtures have a growing presence in the professional environment and designers’ and directors’ reliance on this technology will only grow in the coming decades. Since 2020, in alignment with the school’s vision and Anti-racist Action Plan, we have increased representation of playwrights, stories, and characters of traditionally oppressed identities in our season and in our classrooms.We have hired new faculty and made curricular changes that have led to more students creating their own dramatic works.The new lab is intended to supplement these exciting shifts of the school, by providing viable access for performances by and for students of all identities.


Reservations for productions that use the lighting would be managed through the SoD production office. Typically, productions would reserve room use in blocks of one to five weeks. Training would be provided at the beginning of that period. Room reservations without use of the lighting equipment would also be possible.

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