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Problem 1 - A college degree, though valuable and often required by employers, is typically not enough to make students competitive for career positions after graduation. Employers look for demonstration and articulation of up-to-date knowledge, specific skills, and relevant experience. Problem 2 – Many of UW’s majors are capacity-constrained, which limits the desired knowledge and skills Huskies can gain directly from coursework. Huskies who want to enter the tech field, for example, may need to major in a non-tech field and then find other ways to make themselves competitive for tech jobs. Additionally, some Huskies may need to stick with a major due to credit limits, family expectations, etc. but desire to enter an “unrelated” career field. Problem 3 – Many technologies, business processes, and societal issues evolve at a rapid pace…one that far surpasses the pace at which UW can make changes to curriculum, launch new courses, and develop new majors. Huskies are able to gain solid foundational knowledge in their courses, but they may need to seek alternative ways to learn the newest trends prior to launching their careers. LinkedIn Learning - an on-demand video learning platform home to 6,000 courses on business, technology, creative, well-being, and DEI topics - addresses each of the stated problems. Courses (30-90 minutes) are: 1) taught by industry experts, 2) developed for novice, intermediate, and advanced learners, 3) downloadable for easy engagement on the go, and 4) easily accessed with UW credentials. References: NACE Job Outlook 2022; Future of Jobs Report 2020.


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