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Manufacturing, Electrical, and Organizational Equipment for Student-Built Mars Rovers

Husky Robotics








The Husky Robotics Team is a registered student organization of 117 students competing in the Rover Challenge Series, a series of competitions in Asia, Europe, and the Americas with teams from all over the world. We compete in the University Rover Challenge (URC) in June and the Canadian International Rover Challenge (CIRC) in August. To compete, we bring together a team of diverse and motivated students to design, build, and operate a mock Mars Rover annually. Our Mars rovers perform tasks that range from pouring fuel into vehicles, searching for life, and autonomously finding objectives in an almost mile-wide area. We recently placed 2nd at CIRC 2022 after being entirely online during COVID and returning to  Our team is divided into sub-teams: Arm, Business, Mobility, Electronics, Manufacturing, Software, and Instrumentation. These sub-teams cover the competition's large number of interdisciplinary tasks. Despite having a budget smaller than many other robotics teams, our team was able to place 2nd overall at the Canadian International Rover Challenge, and we placed 1st in the US and 3rd overall at the Virtual University Rover Challenge in June 2021. Our team requires a large amount of manufacturing and electrical equipment to complete our rovers while effectively and safely collaborating. The equipment we are requesting is critical to our team's continued success and will benefit all our team's members.


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