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Providing Digital and Electronics Prototyping Access for Students in the School of Art + Art History + Design

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The School of Art + Art History + Design (SoAAHD) is seeking to enhance digital and electronics prototyping opportunities for students within the school by acquiring several 3D printers and soldering / assembly stations. Over the past 20 years, digital fabrication and rapid prototyping tools like 3D printers have been an integral part of many design and art practices unfortunately the SoAAHD has not always had the space or funding to expose students to many of these technologies. Equally, the integration and exploration of computing and electronics in art and design has grown increasingly as physical computing and coding have become more accessible. With over 800 students in the school, demand for these types of tools far exceeds the capacity for individual programs or course related machines. Students and faculty have consistently expressed a desire to integrate these prototyping methods into their projects and having direct access to these tools in the building is a keyway to support that. The Art Building recently experienced a remodel on the first floor (winter ’23) which expanded several fabrication spaces related to art and design activities including the Advanced Concepts Lab. This mixed-use instructional space is the ideal place to house the requested 3D printers and electronics prototyping tools as it will provide student access digital making and class meeting opportunities further ensuring exposure, adoption and consistent use. Prior to the remodel there wasn’t a space in the Art Building to support this kind of mixed-use activity around digital prototyping.


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