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STF- UW Food Pantry Color Printer Proposal

UW Food Pantry- A Division of Student Life








The UW Food Pantry creates a wide variety of signage, flyers, and other printed materials made by or for student volunteers, student staff members, and UW community members accessing the pantry for food assistance. Some of the signage that the UW Food Pantry creates on a regular basis: - Food Safety Guides for volunteers and pantry visitors: in coordination with UW Environmental Health and Safety - Food Recovery Signage: educational materials for food and ingredient sourcing, waste minimization guides, etc. - Food Drive Coordination Signage: flyers posted around campus advertising RSO involvement with the food pantry's mission via food drives, signage posted above food drive bins in selected UW buildings, impact posters, etc. - Other Miscellaneous Pantry Signage, including but not limited to postings that detail: quarterly open hours, operations guides and volunteer training manuals, quarterly impact posters, recipe guides, posters for visitors to learn about other food/financial assistance programs in and around campus/Seattle, etc. Currently, we outsource our pantry signage printing to the office for student life. This presents us with issues in terms of flexibility since weekly hours adjustments, recipe guides, food safety, and training materials often can change on a weekly basis. Since we are student run and our hours differ and thus we don't always have access to the student life office printers, an on-site color printer would provide us with better flexibility in our daily operations and take the burden off the office for student life to provide us with this service.


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