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Student Technology Loan Program

Student Technology Loan Program








The Student Technology Loan Program is a free loan program that provides students with access to laptops, cameras, camcorders, projectors, and a variety of other resources. Born out of the STF and Classroom Support Services as a self-funded project, the STLP has grown and developed over the years, currently running loan centers out of Kane, Health Sciences, and the HUB. The STLP has received hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years from the STF. Thousands of students utilize STLP resources yearly, with resources being well used. The STLP is completely student run, with one faculty member from UW IT serving as an advisor. Quick to adapt to changing needs on campus, the STLP is a valued resource and partner to the STF and the student body at large. The STLP has made yearly requests for equipment in one form or another since 2002, making it one of our oldest partners. The STLP depends on the STF for all technology needs. Additional support comes from the Services and Activities Fee to pay for staffing, and UW IT which provides space. As the STLP allows loans, it helps to fill many needs on campus, from short-term advanced camera and audio equipment needs to lost or broken laptops to covering those unable to afford their own devices. The STLP has proven a grand success, and safeguarding the organization with long-term support is a priority. The STLP is the other of the first two organizations to be proposed for block funding, and spurred the development of the continuous funding model.

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