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At present, we are continuing to face challenges with outdated windows desktops. Although they are able to do simplistic task with web browsers and Microsoft Office, they are not meeting the needs of students when it comes to high-end computation software, 3-D modeling software, indoor recreation requirements (streaming, designing artwork, editing videos), and additionally, they are far too outdated. Secondly, with the alteration of Husky ID cards on the horizon, the previously funded student sign-in app development needs to be continued. This will primarily focus on altering the code to be able to utilize an RFID reader, as this is what Husky Cards are moving towards (no more barcode). We would rather be ready to implement this before the change is entirely made instead of racing to meet this requirement later on. In this proposal, we request the funds to hire a student worker who previously designed the original application as well as an RFID reader that is recommended by UW IT. Third, we need to upgrade the monitors for the Microsoft PCs we are hoping to have funded as the current monitors are lackluster and unable to track some of the higher-end programs (missing frames due to refresh rate, lower resolutions, etc.). Lastly, we are seeking funding to update our Surface Pros, which have become quite outdated in the last 5 years. We are hoping to replace the two we have with two new Surface Pro 9s that will be utilized in the office for students.


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