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We want to get more, newer equipment into students' hands. Since returning to campus, students are eager to develop community. Our photo equipment is over-subscribed just by the sports photographers, leaving little equipment for those who want to photograph other aspects of campus life. Some of the requested photo gear would be earmarked for our photo development students who don't have their own. We need the STF Committee's support to resolve this equity and access issue. In addition, Canon is offering a 20% bonus that we can use for other Canon lenses or accessories. That's $200 for every $1000 spent on Canon gear, and would help us leverage precious resources to get into newer mirrorless cameras. Canon will stop making DSLR cameras this year. Using Canon's 20% bonus will help us fill in the lenses, batteries and other accessories we'll need. Years of life remain in our existing cameras, and an equipment infusion will extend their useful lives. Also, it's time to upgrade a few computers. Several of our Apple computers are 2011 vintage. We'll upgrade three of the top-end computers with new Mac minis, cascading the replaced computers to lower tiers. Cascading them is a cost-effective way to extend their useful lives by putting them into less-demanding situations. And finally, heavy use over the years has left us needing replacement pieces and parts for podcasts and video departments.


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