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Technology to Study Conditions for Germination and Establishment of Rare Plants

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences








What conditions do plants require in order to become established, survive, and reproduce? This question has important implications for restoration projects in general, and even more so for endangered plant species. Outplanting and seeding are two restoration methods commonly used to establish new plants in restoration sites. With endangered species, there is almost always a very limited supply of available plants and seeds for introduction efforts. Understanding what conditions seeds require to germinate and plants require to become established is important for improving the success of outplanting and seeding efforts. Equipment purchased through this grant would make it possible to experimentally quantify the conditions under which seeds germinate and young plants get established, and to compare that information to measurements of actual conditions at small spatial scales (microsites) in the field. The requested growth chambers will allow control of temperature, humidity, and light environment. The soil moisture sensors and data loggers purchased through this grant would be immediately deployed to monitor soil moisture conditions of the endangered species Wenatchee Mountains checkermallow (Sidalcea oregana var. calva; “SIORCA”). Soil moisture likely limits where SIORCA occurs. Knowing the amount and timing of soil moisture in SIORCA’s habitat is essential to conserving its existing populations and to establishing new populations. These initiatives are especially necessary given that climate change will increase the risk of population loss.


Users may schedule an appointment for training and to use the equipment through a contact form that will be posted on the Bakker Lab website and circulated via email, or by contacting the Bakker Lab or Rare Care directly.

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