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Acquisition of a Composites 3D Printer to Support Student Projects & Learning

Materials Science and Engineering








This Student Technology Fee (STF) proposal is requesting funding for the purchase of two commercial 3D printers for composite materials with one machine to be used primarily for projects and a second, smaller system for training and prototyping. The system will reside within the composites laboratory of the MSE department in Wilcox Hall and will be used to support student-driven activities, special projects and education in MSE and across the UW campus. With the rapid growth in additive manufacturing processes in engineering and beyond, the system will enable undergraduate and graduate students to develop essential skills in the application of 3D printing for the design and manufacture of advanced composites structures with three-dimensional geometry. The system is also expected to attract more industry-supported capstone projects in MSE and across the COE, which will increase the opportunities for students to obtain employment in this quickly growing field.

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