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Increment Borers to Assess Landslide Age and Tree Distress

Department of Earth and Space Sciences








We propose the purchase of three increment borers and associated maintenance equipment for use in student field research projects. Increment borers come in multiple sizes to accommodate different tree ages, sizes, and genus. We are proposing the purchase of increment borers in three different lengths allowing us to evaluate trees up to 6 feet in diameter. Increment borers are used to extract cores of wood from a living tree with no lasting damage to the tree itself. The purpose of these cores is to count and assess the tree rings to determine age and growth characteristics for use in dendrochronology and dendrogeomorphology research projects. Many of our student research projects are focused on geologic hazards and risks, particularly earthquakes and landslides. We need tools to help determine when and how landslides occur and increment borers can help us assess the timing of land disturbance by determining when a tree was stressed or when it died.

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