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Dynamic Control of Robotic Motion

Department of Electrical Engineering








Advanced Robotics at the University of Washington (ARUW) is submitting a grant proposal for Autumn 2019 to remove barriers impeding the success and growth of our members. ARUW is in its fifth season competing in the DJI RoboMaster competition. Held annually in Shenzhen, China, participants build teams of robots to compete in intense, nine on nine matches with other universities. We are advised by Dr. Blake Hannaford, a professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in our lab space in the ECE building. Our team is made up of over 50 members from a wide variety of majors including engineering, business, computer science, and art. Our members envision, design, and manufacture a team of robots while managing a schedule, fundraising, and reaching out to the next generation of engineers. Last year, we worked with the Student Technology Fee Committee to purchase 3D printers, computers for 3D modeling, and electrical measurement tools, giving our members the opportunity to work with cutting edge hardware and software. After our competition season last year, we identified critical issues that are holding us back in terms of what we can create and the hands-on experience we can provide. We carefully selected items centered around five goals to help us grow professionally by exposing us to advanced technologies.

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