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Acquisition of Isothermal Microcalorimeter to Support Robust Research Aims

Materials Science and Engineering








This Student Technology Fee (STF) Proposal is requesting funding for the purchase of a TA Instruments isothermal microcalorimeter for analysis of heat generation associated with chemical or biological processes at a constant temperature. The key benefit of this system is its sensitivity; it can measure heat flow changes in the nano to microwatt range, allowing for the detection of otherwise hard to uncover chemical reactions and biological processes. The instrument will support special research projects, ensuring detailed and comprehensive analysis of heat changes during reactions, and provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate student laboratory skill development. Among other features, the proposed system specializes in measuring the very small heat flow changes in processes such as cement and concrete hydration reactions. The UW has several research thrusts in the development and study of novel cement materials, in which isothermal microcalorimetry is a crucial step in ensuring that engineered structural materials meet rigorous industry standards. Notably, this instrument will be a critical addition to the existing differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) at MSE, substantially extending the attainable resolution and possible applications. This instrument will benefit many departments around the campus with research and education concentrations in cement, polymer chemistry, microbial activity, microorganism metabolic activities, food science and battery performance. These departments include MSE, CEE, ME, ChemE, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, to name a few.


Users will be able to reserve instrument time through the pre-existing Coral website.

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