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Hand held 3D scanners for Teaching Labs and Student Shops

UW Mechanical Engineering








The Mechanical Engineering Prototype shop has encountered a large number of requests for reverse engineering capabilities. In an engineering context, the goal of reverse engineering is to be able to accurately measure an existing object or body. This gives you the ability to design parts to interface with existing mechanical assemblies like robot arms and motors. It also includes more dimensionally complex organic structures like animal limbs to create prostheses and other medical devices. Objects have become more complex dimensionally (organic shapes) due to advanced computational models and CNC machining. Because of this it is also getting harder to measure using conventional tools and techniques. The manufacturing and metrology industries are expanding their tool set to include scanning as a viable measurement tool to adapt to these new challenges, and it is important that our students have access to similar technology in the lab. Of course the 3D information is not restricted to the engineering realm. Artists and designers will also be able to use the data directly for inspiration or object driven design and sculpture. The prototype shop would like to work in conjunction with an existing laboratory class (ME 123) to provide one scanner and processing computer in the ME123 lab class, as well as one scanner and processing computer in the machine shop. The second scanner would be available by not just the Mechanical Engineering students but the entire UW student body.


The scanner will be available for reservation through a commonly used UW CORAL scheduling system.

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