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McMahon Hall The 8 Makerspace Dust Collector Upgrade Proposal

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At McMahon Hall, The 8 makerspace woodshop dust collection systems are aging are not working well. There are numerous smaller collectors in the shop taking up vital floor real estate and performing very poorly. The maintenance is really challenging as we are constantly fighting clogged filters, leaks, and reduced suction power. This has led to a buildup of sawdust and debris on the shop floor, which poses a health hazard to the users and makes it challenging to work efficiently. The lack of effective dust collection also affects the overall air quality in the shop, leading to potential respiratory problems and other health issues in addition to maintenance concerns for the equipment that is also in this environment. To address these problems, a Gyro Air G-800 and a Gyro Air G-700 dust collection system would be ideal solutions. These machines are designed to provide high-performance dust collection with minimal maintenance requirements. Both machines use a unique gyroscopic technology that separates dust and debris from the airflow, reducing the need for filter cleaning and replacement. This technology also allows the machines to operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful work environment. These systems are designed with maintenance in mind and have not seen a better option for our needs. By installing a Gyro Air G-800 and G-700 dust collection system, the woodshop will enjoy improved air quality, reduced health risks for the users, and a cleaner, more efficient workspace. These dust collection systems will greatly benefit all users who engage our space.


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