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Odyssey Licor Scanner for Quantitative, Multiplexed Fluorescent Imaging

Department of Chemistry, Seattle campus








This proposal requests the purchase of a Licor quantitative fluorescence image scanner for use by undergraduate and graduate researchers across multiple departments and research disciplines. This purchase will modernize existing technology within the widely shared Chemistry Core Instrumentation Facility. The new instrument will replace an existing but antiquated near-infrared (IR) fluorescence scanner within the facility. The new instrument includes two distinct near-IR fluorescence channels, as well as two visible fluorescence channels, providing substantial new capabilities for quantitative, multiplexed fluorescent imaging. An additional chemiluminescence imaging channel will provide high sensitivity for low abundance samples. These imaging modes have a wide range of applications in teaching and biomedical research. The additional capabilities, alongside increased ease of use, will enable the instrument to be used in upper level undergraduate courses, giving students experience with techniques that will prepare them for post-graduation careers in science and engineering. Upgrading to a modern multi-use scanner will support the demands of independent research being conducted on the UW campus, and importantly, provide increased opportunities for undergraduate instruction. The proposed Licor Imaging System will be housed at the UW Seattle campus, within the user-driven Chemistry department Core Instrumentation Facility in Bagley Hall. The current instrument is heavily used by more than 7 research groups in Chemistry and adjacent departments. With a new imager, we expect the userbase to expand to graduate and undergraduate researchers in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and the Institute of Protein Design, as well as undergraduates enrolled in upper-division laboratory courses.


Researchers or students intending to use the Odyssey Imager will be able to reserve its use with a pre-existing reservation system ( This process ensures that users are held accountable for maintaining the instrument in working order, while enabling the instrumentation facility to monitor the number and frequency of users.

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