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Our proposal to request funding aims to help our department build a customized Department of Economics virtual desktop from scratch hosted on AWS’s AppStream service. Our department recognizes that there is no longer a need for student computer labs installed with essential software programs as most students own their own laptops for use. However, at the same time, the usage and need for cloud computers is ever increasing. Students who take Economics classes need access to statistical software, especially Stata, for coursework and research. Every quarter, the Department of Economics offers anywhere from 2 to 10 undergraduate classes that require the use of Stata. Having a program such as Stata delivered by a server hosted in the cloud would greatly improve access and usability of important software programs in the classroom or anywhere a student has access to the internet. Graduate student teaching assistants, pre-doctoral instructors, and faculty members will be our primary users in the launch of this service. We hope to provide a seamless resource for our primary users to have access to valuable and engaging academic tools that can create lasting positive impact to all. 


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