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Student Publications exists to keep students and the broader UW community informed through a variety of student-centric voices and multiple platforms; and to provide opportunities to students to gain communication, business and other skills. We were founded in 1891. What started as Pacific Wave — which is now The Daily — has grown. The Daily includes periodic print newspapers and special publications,, podcasts, video, a 2-3 times per week newsletter, and social media. Student Publications also encompasses HUA Voice, a Chinese-language media group; Husky Media Group, which publishes guides, maps and other products; and @smirkuw. In all, between 350 and 400 students per year are involved in some aspect of our programs. The cost of some of our platforms has increased, in some cases, dramatically. We regularly hit an upcharge for our Mail Chimp subscription because our list has increased. As we add features to, those charges increase, too. Our website host also charges us for extra bandwidth. In addition, our students want to access licensed music and other effects that cost money. These get included in videos and podcasts. Our block grant has increased for several years. The current amount is insufficient to pay for platform/software needs, plus equipment. The increase will allow us to upgrade computers on a regular basis. Apple's M2 chip is a game changer, allowing us to buy Mac Minis for nearly everything, instead of the more-expensive iMacs. For security reasons, we'd prefer to keep everyone within a narrower range of operating systems.


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