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Virtual Reality Student Developer Group: Furthering UW VR Education Research & Curricular Innovation

Department of Physics








The problem we are solving is how to provide valuable career growth opportunities to undergraduate students in the nascent field of VR developing; how to improve and expand the student experience in the Introductory Physics VR labs; how to ensure continuity in the delivery and maintenance of the Physics VR labs; and how to maintain our position as leaders in VR science pedagogy, whilst ensuring undergraduate students are the engine driving all this forward. Our VR labs have been in use for 2 years, reaching around 2000 students each year. They have proven successful in helping students develop fundamental scientific experimental skills and established UW Physics as leaders in the field of VR science pedagogy. The initial development was performed by a single graduate student (Jared Canright). The Novel Observations in Mixed Reality (NOMR) Student Developer Group (SDG) was formed to provide career growth opportunities for undergraduate students and also ensure this technology can be continuously maintained and expanded upon. Physics and many engineering majors have a research or capstone project requirement as part of the major. Many students struggle to find meaningful opportunities because there aren’t enough to go around for the number of students in these majors. This is especially true for the HCDE VR capstone class.


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