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Though many aspects of the job search have changed over the years, employers still expect candidates to clearly articulate their qualifications through resumes and interviews. An inability to do so will result in candidates applying to dozens or hundreds of positions over months, sometimes without an eventual positive outcome. Yet, most individuals are not naturally adept at describing their qualifications in a compelling manner; get inaccurate advice from family members; look at websites not tailored to the new college grad search; do not devote enough time to the job search process; or procrastinate and cannot access career coaches in a timely manner. We seek to provide students on all 3 campuses with 24/7 access to a cutting-edge AI tool with 3 modules. VMock SMART Resume & Editor - uses AI, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver personalized resume feedback, benchmarked against UW-created major-based resume samples. VMock Elevator Pitch - allows users to receive immediate, objective feedback driven by AI on their two-minute elevator pitch, including feedback on body language, speech delivery and content. This module also allow students to pick a question, record a pitch for it, and ask school representatives to review and provide feedback. VMock Aspire - helps users get instant feedback on their LinkedIn profile with targeted and personalized recommendations on how to improve the language, content and keyword optimization of their LinkedIn profile. Using Aspire, students can strengthen their search engine ranking, improve profile visibility and create a consistent story across LinkedIn and Resume for recruiters.


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