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Gould Hall Hyflex classroom

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With its students living across Seattle and neighboring areas, CBE has identified the need to expand access to instruction and student meeting rooms beyond the constraints of in-person spaces or fully-remote platforms. Since the 2021 return to campus, it’s become even more important to offer venues equipped for hybrid experiences to cover a range of situations, from classes with quarantined students to cohorts and classes that are geographically distributed by design. Though CBE has placed temporary solutions in some of its learning and meeting spaces (e.g. mobile webcams), the 2021-22 academic year demonstrated that students have the best experiences when learning and meeting are neither placebound nor space-constrained. In 2022, the Construction Management department identified increased demand for its undergraduate courses both at UW Seattle and from the UW Tacoma School of Engineering & Technology student cohort. CBE lacks the classroom space to enroll UWT students, and attending in-person is both costly and impractical for those based in Tacoma. CBE has determined that it is feasible to outfit one of its two popular Gould Hall classrooms with cameras and audio equipment to allow a fully-participatory hybrid experience for students based in Tacoma and Seattle. Because these rooms are also used heavily by the Student Governance group of the Community, Environment & Planning major, their meetings would also be expanded to full interactivity. CBE also hopes to demonstrate to the three UW campuses how such an upgrade can enliven and extend the utility of existing classrooms designed in a pre-digital era.


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